Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this awesome gadget

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Turn your iPad into a foosball table with this awesome gadget

Table games are great for having fun with your family and friends. One of the most popular table game is foosball table. Having that on the mind, New Potato Technologies decided to make a great gadget for iPad users. They wanted to make a gadget for iPad that will allow you to play foosball table on your iPad.
They developed a stand that transforms your iPad into a real foosball table field. This stand is compatible with iPad 1, 2 and 3. The stand has 2-axis bars with 8 functions that you can use to control foosball table rods. Stand also have 4 legs that give it a real foosball table look.
Everything is made from quality materials and people that developed this gadget thought about everything. If 4 people are playing on this gadget it can become very confusing and hard so my suggestion is to play only two players at the time. The good thing is that you can play tournament. The gadget comes with a free app that you need to download. You can’t use this gadget with other apps for foosball. Gadget and app really work great together without bugs and glitches. Also, there is a great response to commands that players make. You can choose the layout of the players that is a very nice option. So if you like the fast game then you need to take 3-men goalie system. But, if you want slow game than use 1-man goalie system. There is one thing that is bothering me. The lines of rods on app and gadget don’t match up and you need some time to accept that, but it is not that major problem.

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By developing this gadget people from New Potato Technologies thought about everything. So, if you worry about charging your iPad until you play foosball table on it, you can stop now. They made extra USB port on the bottom of the stand that you iPad can always be charging.
The app is totally free and it works fine without any problems. Gadget costs between $70 and $100 plus shipping and you need to have iPad. If you want to buy some cheap tabletop you can do it for $50 or less. If you want to buy a real foosball table, it will cost you about $100-$500 and I talk about some cheap tables and low-quality ones. But, if you want to buy a table that is the good quality you will need about $1000.
After all, I think that this gadget that transfers your iPad in foosball table by New Potato Technologies is a great product. You can buy it to someone for a birthday or to your kid to see if he likes foosball. Buying this gadget you will get the great quality product and cool tech gadget.

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This article is written by a profesional foosball player who played foosball for 16 years. During that time, he had a chance to play on a lot of different tables. 2 years ago he started his blog about foosball, and he writes posts about tips, tricks and foosball tables. If you are interested to learn what is foosball and how to play it, visit his blog.

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