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In this blog entitled “Tablepress Wordpress Plugin”, you will learn to know everything that you need to know from the concept of the said plugin to the installation and how to avoid any technical issues caused by this plugin. To know more, click here.

Tablepress WordPress Plugin:

Hi friends, today I am going to show you about the Tablepress WordPress Plugin which is defined as the most popular and provides extensive functionality to the WordPress site mostly useful for placing information in the form of a table. In this blog, I am going to show you the steps involved to install the great plugin to your site and also the ways to keep in mind to make use of the said plugin without any slowing down of the site.

Watch this Video to get the idea:

Why Tablepress?

The basic question to most of the new users is why do we need to install Tablepress to the site. Well, we live in a world of Corporate, some of the business need to maintain data and the records in the form of a Table like we do in the Microsoft Excel. But, Microsoft Excel has some limitation like if you want to share your business statistics growth with the world then I suggest you to install Tablepress. Tablepress can also be very much useful for displaying school/college/university results of the students and maintain student database.

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Let’s learn how to Install Tablepress:

> 1. Open your WordPress Site dashboard. eg: with correct login credentials.

> 2. Go to Plugins > Add New.

Tablepress Installation Part 1

Fig 1. Tablepress Installation Part 1

> 3. Search for Tablepress in the search box provided on the plugin page or if you have the .zip file of the Tablepress then you can upload the plugin via the Upload Plugin button located at the top.

Tablepress Installation Part 2

Fig 2. Tablepress Installation Part 2

> 4. A list of plugins will appear, choose the first one or choose the one with the logo same as the featured image or blog image used in this post.

> 5. Install the plugin then Activate it and you will notice in the left navigation pane the Tablepress shows up > Click it.

> 6. Click Tablepress > Add New Table.

Tablepress Guide part 1

Fig 3. Tablepress Guide part 1

> 7. Enter the Table name and Table description of your choice. Select the size of the rows and the columns of your choice > Click Add Table to create the table.

Tablepress Guide part 2

Fig 4. Tablepress Guide part 2

> 8. Now you are all set to enter details in the table. I have taken the example of a student database. You can add a link to the table by first clicking on the add link button then click on the table space and same applies to the image.

Tablepress Guide Part 3

Fig 5. Tablepress Guide Part 3

> 9. You can also import CSV or Microsoft Excel file from your computer which I think is a cool and useful feature > Click import.

Tablepress Guide Part 4

Fig 6. Tablepress Guide Part 4

10.  You can also export your Tablepress data to a CSV, HTML, and JSON format. You can also export multiple table names to your computer and that you can keep it as a backup which is a life saver job > Click Download Export File.

Tablepress Guide Part 7

Fig 7. Tablepress Guide Part 5

Some issues with Tablepress:

As Tablepress is a great plugin and I love it playing with but I found this plugin have some error issue and I found some solution to avoid it. So, I am going to share the ways to adapt to get rid of those issues.

  1. TablePress Saving failed: AJAX call failed: error – Internal Server Error is a very common error and I think most of the users will come across this error. Well, it will not kill you but it can make you feel like a dead. Don’t worry, it is just an AJAX issue and fails to save the table when it tries to connect to the hosting server. To fix this, try saving the table 2-3 times and if it does not work try saving for 10 times, it will work but I found that it did not work once at the office. I fixed this by simply exporting the file as CSV to my Desktop computer and then importing the same to the Tablepress.

  2. The backend of the Tablepress might be very slow on loading because you might have entries more than 300. Try to keep entries less than 300 as far as possible.
Download Tablepress

Download Tablepress


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