SEO- Search Engine Optimization

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In this blog entitled “SEO- Search Engine Optimization”, you will discover and learn to know about the concept behind the website ranking by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. so that you can attract more peoples to your site. To know more, click here.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO- Search Engine Optimization?

We often heard the term SEO in Web Development industry, what exactly is SEO meaning. Well, it is a way that analyzes the web pages and accordingly ranked by the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Why do we want to rank our website? This question is very important and we are bound to understand the tips and tricks used its terminology.

Well, we want to rank our business or any other individual work visible to reach the number of people around the globe that gives the chance to improves our business performance, goals and we can take necessary steps for strategies. Take a scenario, we have an eCommerce website and our website is not ranked in the top of the page by the search engines. From Customer or User point of view, when they search for a keyword “buy Apple Iphone 6s“, the website that appears on the top of the page, the customer will buy from the site. There is a mentality to some customers, the page that does not appear on the top of the page are fake.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO- Contents, Keywords, and Description:

Keywords are very important but to some experts, nowadays search engines don’t index or rank pages based on keywords whereas Description that appears in the search summary is likely to be important. But, I recommend going through both of them. The most important in the website development is a very strong, good and attractive content as search engines rank pages based on it.The contents are the blog post or the articles from the Author, remember to write the content on your own as there might be the chance of copyright issue.

SEO ways of optimization:

  1. On-Page SEO: It is a technique that is up to you, how you write or define your content with good keywords, attractive title, putting keywords on correct places in your content, use pictures having image alt attribute, etc.
  2. Off-Page SEO: It is a technique that includes link building, submitting links to the forums, open directories, using online pinging tool, increase your link popularity via Social Media Networks, etc.

SEO Walkthrough:

> You website must have header tags, eg. <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, etc. <h1> and <h2> used in a content can give you good SEO score.

> Your website must have meta keywords, meta descriptions and meta title.

> Avoid keyword stuffying meaning don’t use keyword in a content multiple times.

> Include keyword in the title tag and meta description.

> You must have sitemap.xml and robots.txt uploaded in the root directory of the hosting server.

> Avoid broken links.

> You must declare images with alt img tag. eg. <img src=”some_pic.jpg” alt=”Your image keyword”>

> Avoid using inline CSS, meaning you must not declare it within the tags. eg don’t use <p style=”text-color: blue;”>Some text</p>

> You must icon image for your website, it is known as favicon.

> Your website must be responsive, meaning it can be displayed perfectly in the Mobile devices.

SEO Online Checkup tools:

Top SEO Check-up sites are:

  1. SEO Site Check Up.
  2. SEO Check Up.
  3. SEO Check Up Tools.
  4. There are some software’s in the market that provides good SEO results for the windows and mac.

Another term called  SMO- Social Media Optimization will be discussed later in the next blog.


**Source:  SEO Image  used in the content is taken from Google Image Search

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