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December 7, 2017 1 Comment

With the new Google Android OS Marshmallow system in the market now, people interested in purchasing spying applications are always questioning whether most of the monitoring applications available are also compatible with the new updated system or not. Here’s a list of the most exciting features that TheOneSpy offers along with being compatible with the new updated Android Marshmallow system.

1. Remote access

While the idea of going through the target phone manually multiple times on which the spying application has been downloaded seen very scary and is occasionally impossible, TheOneSpy monitoring application allows all its users to easily access various installed applications, update the existing monitoring application and also reach the smart phone’s control panel for added settings options quickly and pretty much remotely.

2. Prompt alerts and notifications

Most of the spying applications found in the market are magnificent at gathering information and interpreting it into easily comprehensible versions, however; they lack the capacity to send prompt notifications in the heated moment. However, with TheOneSpy application, you will be notified of a number of aspects like if the SIM card of the target phone is replaced, or if the target phone leaves the geographically marked area. There is also the option of setting few areas which if the phone tower catches the target phone entering into; it will automatically send you a notification so that you can further investigate the issue.

3. Precise location tracking

This is a feature mostly used by concerned parents and employers wanting to keep an eye on their kids and employees. Basically, with TheOneSpy monitoring application you can track online GPS system. This way you will always know the exact location of the target phone at any time. Moreover, all locations are saved on the online cloud as well. This happens periodically when the phone connects to the nearest tower or is linked to the mobile data. On the basis of this information gathered, the monitoring application occasionally generates analytically reports that predict future possible routes as well.

4. Compatible with the Latest Marshmallow system

This is one of the highlighting features of TheOneSpy application. This means that this monitoring application can now easily be downloaded onto a Sony Xperia phone running on the latest Android system by Google called the Marshmallow 6.0. Moreover, it does not compromise on to any of the features being offered which means your Xperia works just like any other Android run phone with the monitoring application. Soon other mid-range Sony smartphones will also receive this latest system update, hence allowing more users to easily download the spying application on to various Sony targeted phones.


While you may come across many monitoring applications in the market today, there are only handfuls that will allow you complete value for your money. One of these is TheOneSpy monitoring application which not only offers you a wide range of features but is also compatible with a variety of systems like the Apple iOS and various Android systems like the Marshmallow and the Lollipop.

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