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May 16, 2017 6 Comments

In this blog entitled “Google Hidden Tricks”, you will learn to know about the hidden tricks from the Google Developer (s) that will make you surprise. To know more, click here.

Google Hidden Tricks:

Howdy friends, today I am going to show you the best ever topic entitled “Google Hidden Tricks”, yes the tricks that most of us might not be aware and after knowing about the tricks, you will feel like thanking to the Google Developer (s) for such a cool features.

Well, the tricks I am talking about the Chrome Browser from the Google and we all know, Google Chrome browser for Desktop and Mobile has grown its popularities among the peoples from all over the world because of its features, usage, and portability. It is a good choice browser from the non-programmers to the programmers with its web development tools. Most of the population in the world uses it as a primary browser for their day to day activities. It also has a cool extension for its browser that makes the user comfortable with the surfing on the internet.

You can get the Google Chrome browser download for Android, Apple IOS, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems for free or click the download link.

Let’s get started knowing the secrets:

>> Chrome Editor:

You will be surprised to know especially for the Non-Developers, you can turn your Google Chrome browser into a working HTML editor, cool right. It is the very basic editor gift from the Google Developer (s) mostly used for writing contents. If you are a content writer and you don’t have any knowledge or experience on Web Development coding, don’t worry, the Chrome Editor will take care of all the coding part. You will only have to write about your subject, that’s it.

Steps to follow:

> Open up your Google Chrome browser, if you have not downloaded yet, download and install it to your system.

> Type “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” in the address bar and hit enter in your keyboard. Exclude double qyotes.

Chrome Editor

Fig 1. Chrome Editor

> Start writing your content as usual as you write in a Microsoft Word or Mac Pages or any other Document Software without any HTML coding structure.

> To save the content, press ctrl+s on your keyboard and leave the save type as website complete as default.

>> Chrome for Developers:

If you are a web developer then chrome can be your best choice as you can use the tool called inspect element to test your project work and you can also view the code of any website you visit for reference to your project.

To start to inspect element in your browser right click and find inspect element or shortcut key to the keyboard is f12. Enjoy coding.

Chrome for Developers

Fig 2. Chrome for Developers

>> Roll the browser:

Do you want to make the chrome browser in Desktop and Mobile spin clockwise? Do you want to surf the internet in mirror image mode? Yes, you can and it’s really a fun to do so. Just type Do a barrel roll in the google search bar and see the magic of spinning. I found the spin directly on my android device but in desktop, you might have to click the first web link.

Do the barrel roll

Fig 3. Do the barrel roll

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>> Chrome Video Game:

Well, sometimes we faced a situation of No Internet Connection in our browser and it is a simple solution that in some way our computer is not connected to the Internet or the Internet is down for some reason. My point is not about the connection, but the tiny dinosaur that appears on the screen is surprisingly a game.  Well, how to start the game? It is very easy, just hit the up arrow key in the keyboard, the game will start. How to play? Use up arrow key for jumping and stay safe from the dangers. You can play the game until the Internet turns on, it will be automatically redirected to the you are searching for site in the middle of the game. Enjoy the game.

Chrome Video Game

Fig 4. Chrome Video Game



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