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Do you want to turn your site into a fully functional Social Networking Site without any coding skills? Yes, I guess and you can do so with BuddyPress Wordpress Pluginby following simple steps for free. Click here to know the steps.

BuddyPress WordPress Plugin:

Hi, friends, today in this blog I am going to share with you about the BuddyPress WordPress Plugin which seems to be the best plugin that can make your site a Social Networking Site, yes you hear me right. Most of us dream about own social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, etc. but we are afraid of its coding and time management, right. But yet, you will be surprised to know, with this plugin you can easily turn your site or any site into a fully functional social networking for free and just by following few simple steps with no coding skills.

Watch the videos to get the idea:

BuddyPress plugin overview part 1:

BuddyPress plugin overview part 2:

Let’s not waste time to start the steps to turn your site into a Social Networking Site:

> Go to your WordPress site dashboard > Click Plugins > Add new > Search for Buddypress or the plugin will show on the first page of the plugin installation directory > Click Install > Click Activate.

Buddypress Installation Part 1

Fig 1. BuddyPress Installation Part 1

> After successful activation of the plugin, you will notice an Activity menu is added in the left sidebar of the wp-dashboard. The Activity menu is all about tracking activities or status of the users registered to your site.

> Let’s start working with the main and fun part of the plugin. Go to Settings > Buddypress.

> On Components tab, you can check or uncheck the checkboxes of the features offered by the plugin as per your requirement.

  • Extended profiles: You can set profile fields like Mobile No, Email, Address and any other as per your choice. You can also set your profile picture that is visible to everyone. A very cool about this feature is that you can maintain privacy like Mobile No field should be visible to everyone or not, etc. and you can also manage signups like allowing registration to the right person or not.
  • Account Settings: You can allow your user to delete their account and modify notification settings from within their own profiles.
  • Friend Connections: You can send or accept or reject friend requests just the way social networking sites works.
  • Private Messaging: It is same as the chatting where your messages will not be shared with everyone. It’s between you and your friend you are messaging.
  • Activity Streams: You will get the updates of your friends status or posts.
  • Notifications: It gives you the notifications if your friend accepts your friend request, mention you in a comment or status, etc.
  • User Groups: You can add your friends to your group so that any public messages you share with your friends will not be shared publicly. User Groups are same as Facebook Groups.
Buddypress Installation Part 2

Fig 2. BuddyPress Installation Part 2

> On Pages tab you can set your page to the default Buddypress directories. The Members directory gives you the list of all member currently registered to your site. The Activity Stream gives you the activities or status of your friends. You can also set your own page to Buddypress registration page. By default, your registration might be disabled, you need to enable it first. To do that, go to Settings > Find Membership and check the checkbox of Anyone can register > Click Save Changes. Now, you will find and manage your pages with Register and Activate directory.

Buddypress Installation Part 3

Fig 3. Buddypress Installation Part 3

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> On Options tab, you can enable or disable the feature functionalities by checking or unchecking the checkboxes as per your need and requirements.

Buddypress Installation Part 4

Fig 4. Buddypress Installation Part 4


Download BuddyPress Plugin

Download BuddyPress Plugin


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